Slab Construction Technique Using Internal Support

Victoria Sexton

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Adding External Features to the Sculpture


         14                         15                          16

External features are then added to the cylinder, building it up to its final form.  (14)    (15)    (16)


Removing the Pillow


         17                        18                         19                           20

The piece is allowed to dry until it becomes leatherhard.  This is when the clay is still slightly moist, but dry enough to support itself.  The pillow can be removed at this point.   Try to cut open the piece at a natural seam line, which for this piece is just above the brow line.  (17)  Remove the top.  (18)  Hold onto the bottom and gently pull out the pillow.  (19)  Sometimes the vermiculite needs to be loosened up a little.  Use a pointed dowel rod to do this.  Also remove the pad of paper towels.  (20)  The pillow as well as the paper towel pad can be reused.


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